Aerospace Optics, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the Applied Avionics brand for superior performance sunlight-readable mil-spec lighted pushbutton switches, indicators and programmable displays utilized in commercial and military avionics, naval shipboard and military ground application.
An AS9100:2001 certified supplier of commercial and military products, Aerospace Optics, Inc. manufactures and supplies, NVIS compatible, lighted pushbutton switches, indicators and displays to customers in United States and around the world.

Product overviews:

  • LIGHTED PUSH BUTTON SWITCHES - Manufacturer of Mil-spec QPL Listed high performance electro-optical displays, LED and incandescent lighted push button switches and annunciators serving the military and civilian avionics industry.

  • VIVISUN LED standard ¾” square lighted pushbutton switch

    TheVIVISUN LED is a MIL-PRF-22885/108 (MIL-S-22885/108) and RTCA/DO-160F compliant lighted pushbutton switch. The LED product is designed for use in applications ranging from military and civil avionics to the extremes of naval shipboard and army ground systems. The Applied Avionics LED features lighting that remains readable in direct sunlight and is compatible with night vision goggles. In the Applied Avionics LED switch, these excellent lighting features are combined with the extreme reli ability and power efficiency of LEDs, plus we’ve added voltage-controlled dimming.

    The VIVISUN LED is also available in a multicolor-lighted DichromaticSwitch™. The DichromaticSwitch legends are bicolor and can be illuminated in either of two different colors. The Dichromatic lighting option provides pilots with advisory or warning information on the same switch. The different colors are controlled via simple discrete inputs.


  • VIVISUN LOGIC SERIES Electronic Latching Switch

    The LOGIC SERIES has an internal, regulated power supply that allows it to operate reliably on less than 4mA, with an operational life of 500,000 cycles at rated loads. It meets or exceeds RTCA/DO-160F electrical environment standards and MIL-Spec standards, and the LOGIC SERIES caps are interchangeable with the VIVISUN LED, VIVISUN LR3 and VIVISUN 95 SERIES.

    The VIVISUN LOGIC SERIES is designed to simplify and improve operator interface. Its solid-state, integrated logic circuit allows different poles in the same switch to function as momentary or alternate action, without the need for external relays or holding coils. The LOGIC Series has the ability to automatically reset to a safe mode when power is cycled, and it can interface with external sensors to enable conditional switching or lockout modes. Blink has also been added as an integrated performance feature.


  • VIVISUN LED 1”x 1.2” rectangular lighted pushbutton switch

    The VIVISUN LR3 is an NVIS-compatible lighted pushbutton switch. With more display area than the standard LED, the LR3 is designed for master caution and master warning switch applications. The VIVISUN LR3 features increased character capacity and improved readability with four independent LED quadrants with six LEDS each, for a total of 24 LED combinations. The LR3 is sunli ght readable, has voltage-controlled dimming and it is highly reliable; it is RTCA/DO-160F compliant and its MTBF is 270,000 hours.

  • VIVISUN 95 ¾” square incandescent lighted pushbutton switch

    The VIVISUN 95, available in 2-pole or 4-pole configurations, is a mil-spec qualified, lighted pushbutton switch. The product is designed for use in applications ranging from military and civil avionics to the extremes of naval shipboard and army ground systems. The VIVISUN 95 features lighting that remains readable in direct sunlight — MIL-PRF-22885/108 (MIL-S-22885/108) — and complies with JSSG-2010-5, MIL-STD-3009 and MIL-L-85762A for night vision goggles.

  • VIVISUN 5000 programmable display system

    The VIVISUN 5000 is a unique product that combines the industry-leading performance of the VIVISUN MIL-PRF-22885 (MIL-S-22885) lighted pushbutton switches with a reconfigurable programmable LED display.


  • VIVISUN accessories

    The VIVISUN line of accessories was designed to complement the quality and superior performance of the VIVISUN products. Accessories include switch guards, panel plugs and tools used in extracting the solderless connectors and the lighted pushbutton cap.


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