NeoGraf Solutions is a global company with more than 120 years of experience in the carbon and graphite industry.
eGRAF® thermal solutions offer a unique combination of flexibility, weight savings and performance improvement to the thermal management industry. With a diverse, award-winning portfolio of products, GrafTech pioneered the use of flexible graphite technology for thermal management by leveraging the unique anisotropic properties offered by the graphite crystal structure. By providing market leading thermal conductivity at a fraction of the weight, every eGRAF solution is designed to challenge and expand the constraints of today's thermal design capabilities.
eGRAF® products can effectively address your everyday design challenges:
  • cooling of high power components
  • touch temperature shielding
  • heat shielding for displays
  • weight reduction
  • ultrathin form factor

A highly skilled team of thermal engineers offers unrivaled expertise in creative thermal solutions.

eGRAF® Guidelines

Thermal Management Solutions

SPREADERSHIELD™ products distribute heat evenly while providing thermal insulation through the thickness. This unique combination of spreading and shielding properties make flexible graphite an excellent material choice for thermal solutions. SPREADERSHIELD products are offered in a variety of engineered in-plane thermal conductivities, from 300-1500 W/m-K. By eliminating heavy thermal solutions, SPREADERSHIELD products have enabled slimmer product design and reduced product weights by up to 50%.

Features and Benefits:

  • Engineered thermal conductivity up to 1500W/m-K outperforms Copper and Aluminum
  • Eliminate "hot spots"
  • Shield components and external surfaces
  • Reduce skin temperature
  • Flexible enough to conform to product contours
  • Performance reliable up to +400°C
  • Can eliminate the need for fans and heat pipes
  • Thickness from 0.05mm (0.002")
  • 80% lighter than Copper
  • 30% lighter than Aluminum
  • Can be die-cut, laminated with plastics, metals or elastomers to meet mechanical and electrical criteria
  • Can be adhesive-backed for peel-and-stick attachment
  • Always manufactured to specific product dimensions and shape


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