PHLOX LED Backlights - For LCD displays, used in military and civilian airplanes. As the lumen per watt of white L.E.D increases, several companies switch from Fluorecent lighting to L.E.D. This gives Better MTBF and is easier to drive. L.E.D are the future of lightings and backlightings.

PHLOX designs and manufactures L.E.D backlights for LCD displays, used in military and civilian aircraft applications. NVIS lighting options are available. As the Lumens per watt of white L.E.D's increase, companies are changing from Fluorescent to L.E.D lighting. L.E.D backlights have lower power consumption, better MTBF, Ultra slim housing and NVIS compatible options. L.E.D's are the future of lighting and backlighting. Thanks to its technology and know-how, Phlox Corporation provides the most efficient L.E.D backlights in the market.


The PHLOX technology:

  • Uniformity : up to ± 3 % on the backlight
  • Luminance : up to 30 000 cd/m2
  • Heat free : a maximum of 50°C/122°F, ensuring a longer lifetime
  • Ultra slim : down to 5 mm thick (0,20")
  • Better efficiency (lumen per watt)
  • Very compact and efficient day/night (NVIS) custom backlights
  • Prototypes at low cost and fast delivery




PHLOX® is a transparent light pipe: it can be used as a second light source. Example : Night Vision for military applications



PHLOX® transparent light pipes can be stacked to improve luminance



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