XP Power provides power supply solutions to the electronics industry. Power supplies take the relatively high voltage alternating current supply from the mains and convert it into various lower voltage, stable direct current outputs required to drive electronic equipment.
XP Power is also a reference point for DC/DC converters with the products of Powergood and Glary Technology.


XP Power has over 5,000 products at its disposal plus access to custom manufacturing capability where necessary. These products range from AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters necessary for Distributed Power Architectures, through to power protection products.

  • Industrial: XP has extensive experience of the industrial market providing power supplies, standby systems, inverters, converters and UPS systems for the vast majority of industrial applications.
  • Communications: Power solutions for central office, enterprise, mobile & wireless communications, broadcast, computing and data processing.
  • Medical: Medically approved power solutions for use in patient vicinity applications and in the lab environment.
  • Military: Standard and customer-specific power solutions for all military applications be it air, sea or land.


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Glary Power Technology is the technology leader in high efficiency and high density dc to dc converters, supplying to telecommunication, data processing and industrial control. Glary is technology-oriented, superior in design and development, skilled in high power density manufacturing but a complementary product line will be set up in the near future to meet ever-increasing power demands.

Employing conventional technology with more than ten-year experience in this field as well as  several international patents pending, Glary provides a power service to customers. Zero-Voltage-Switching (ZVS), Synchronous-Rectifier (SR), Trans-Filter topology and conventional hard-switching technology support specific design to system designers.

Above all, Glary is Pioneer in low profile, high power density and high efficiency of a brick type. The height of 0.34" with full metal package, 53A/in3 current density, higher than 90% efficiency with 180W/in3 power density and reliable non-SR design but reach SR efficiency perform the professional strength in technology.

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POWERGOOD (Small Technology Research Group)

Small Tech applied itself to new power conversion technology researches and to modular DC/DC converter designs, focusing on topology, circuitry, magnetic components and thermal dissipation improvements. Small Tech is committed to provide the most advanced power solutions to his customers.

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